“You won’t kill me the way you killed Saitoti,” angry Sonko tells ‘the system’

After his interview on Citizen TV with Jeff Koinange was cut short due to an alleged violation of standards and quality control at Royal Media Services, angry Governor Sonko went straight to his City Hall office where he literacy continued with the ‘interview’.

The Governor went live on Facebook and continued to say what he wanted to say during his interview on Citizen TV.

He shared all the audio recordings of his phone conversation with Nairobi women representative Esther Passaris insisting that he was earlier enjoying a good relationship with her.

Sonko alleged that Passaris started being used by ‘the system’ to portray him as a bad person to the public and that is why they had a nasty exchange during Madaraka Day celebrations on Saturday at Pumwani grounds.

The city boss lashed out at Passaris after she complained about delays in approving a project and complained that Sonko did not answer her phone calls.

Sonko said, “I will pick your calls when I am free. I am not your husband that I should be picking your calls the time you want.”

This infuriated Passaris who walked out on him.

Sonko now feels the power cartels are after him and they want to eliminate him.

He said this started on April 28, 2019, when he blasted Maina Kamanda and Peter Kenneth as corrupt at the workers’ prayer day at the St. Stephens ACK Jogoo Road. He added that ‘the system’ thought that he was sent Deputy President William Ruto.

Sonko also revealed that on May 30, 2019, two days before Madaraka Day five goons armed with pangas, machetes, bows and arrows went to his ‘small’ residence in Upperhill targetting to attack him. Sonko and his security personnel were forced to shoot in the air to disperse them.

He said the exchange led to the arrest of one as the others managed to escape.

The arrested, Michael Mulwa Ndisya, was taken to capitol hill police station and taken to court on May 31.

Sonko also claimed that after the cartels plan of humiliating him on Madaraka day failed, as he hit back, they sent other goons to go and attack his daughter Saumu Mbuvi who was attacked together with Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip in Kasarani.

It happened on June 2 at about 2 am at the Memphis Lounge- a popular club near United States International University.

Loitiptip had been with Ms Agnes Saumu Mbuvi when they were attacked by unknown men as they left the club.

Police say they are holding a bouncer at the club in connection with the attack and they are looking for five others who were involved.

The Jubilee senator sustained deep head cuts in the fracas before he was rushed to the Aga Khan Hospital where he is admitted.

Saumu told police that she had been with the senator at the club that Saturday night watching the UEFA Champions League finals and had excused herself to the washrooms when the trouble began.

While at the washrooms, a man confronted her pulling her blouse that he allegedly tore.

She told police she screamed in the confrontation in the toilet and an unknown person hurled a stone towards her.

Her attacker let her off and got into another room near the toilet. By then, the Senator who was apparently alerted of the incident and rushed there to save her.

According to Saumu, Loitiptip told off the man declaring the governor’s daughter was his girlfriend.

And as the senator and Saumu walked to the parking lot at about 2.40 am where their car was parked, they were attacked by about nine men who were in the company of the brown man who had confronted her in the toilet.

Now Sonko has sent a tough warning to ‘the system’ saying they cannot kill him the way ‘they killed Geoge Saitoti’ because of cheap politics. He told them that he is not a fool adding that the dark days are over.

He alleged that ‘the system’ preferred Amani National Congress Musalia Mudavadi for Presidency in 2013 but upon seeing Saitoti as a worthy competitor, they chose to eliminate him.

According to Sonko, Professor George Saitoti was headed to Homa Bay to Preside over a fundraiser with Orwa Ojode and Mutahi Iringo. Before take off, Mutea Iringo was ordered to leave the helicopter by ‘the system’ which then ordered for the deliberate assassination of the former Vice President.













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