What really happened to the baby born at Machakos Level Five Hospital Yesterday?

Machakos Level Five Hospital in Machakos county

Machakos governor Alfred Mutua explains;

“A pregnant 17 year old Form 3 student (name withheld because she is a minor) came to Machakos level 5 hospital in labour on 24/04/2019 at 46 weeks gestation by dates.

She was scheduled for emergency caesarean section due to poor progress and meconium staining grade 3.

C/S was done under spinal anaesthesia (mother awake). Life male infant was extracted with a birth weight of 3.4 kg with severe birth asphyxia ( Scored 3/1, 4/5, 5/10). Rescucitation commenced immediately.

Mother was explained to that condition of the baby was not good. Mother was also shown the baby before taking him to the Newborn unit for specialized management and incubation.

Unfortunately the baby succumbed while undergoing management.

Some of the relatives, all male, arrived but on being told that the Baby has passed away, insisted on seeing the medical file and were told that due to medical confidentiality and ethics, only the patient or her next of kin (her parents) could be allowed to access the files. That is the procedure all over the world.

One of the relatives, on being denied the file, started shouting and alerted the media and made wild allegations of a missing Baby, whereas the body of the Baby was still in the ward for all to see.

Later, the mother of the minor (patient) together with other relatives arrived and were shown the deceased Baby.

The family later met with the management and were explained what had occurred and their family Spokesperson, Mr. Johnson Ndiso, confirmed that the family was satisfied with the way the hospital handled the matter.

As per procedures, a hospital team is currently seated to review what caused the Baby’s death and to make recommendations.

I have directed (and the patient has agreed) that DNA samples be taken of the deceased Baby and its Mother, to fully establish that the Baby is hers.

I request those commenting of reporting on the issue to bear in mind these clarified and verifiable facts.

Machakos Government hospitals provide high quality health services. In the last one year, we have witnessed a 20% increase in patients being treated at our hospitals. No one shares a hospital bed in Machakos and we have become the region of choice for patients from other counties.

I am very strict and demand the best and I receive reports every day of the previous day’s statistics and issues of Machakos Government health facilities.

We will ensure our people receive their rights and are taken care off well as we continue improving every day.”

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