We owe you nothing,Mount Kenya elders tell DP Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto’s bid to State House continues to face more difficulties every single day.

The latest is the decision by Kikuyu council of elders who have warned politicians against discussing 2022 politics, adding that the region does not owe anyone political debt.

Speaking at Kabiru-ini Grounds in Nyeri County, the elders warned leaders who accompany the Deputy President as he goes around the country campaigning for 2022 saying by doing so they undermine President Kenyatta’s development agenda.

Led by Council Secretary Peter Munga, the elders slammed DP Ruto for disrespecting the President by starting early 2022 politics.

They also said that the Deputy President was a stumbling block in the fight against corruption.

Kikuyu council of elders during their meeting in Kabiru-ini Grounds in Nyeri County on Friday June 7, 2019

“The DP has been playing petty politics meant to undermine the President and divide Central Kenya, despite the Head of State telling politicians to stop early campaigns,” said the council’s Secretary Peter Munga.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has remained silent on the 2022 success debate.

He once said that his choice for the presidency when the right time comes will shock the country.

Ruto allies have in many occasions urged the President to keep his promise and support the Deputy President.

The leaders who call themselves ‘Tangatanga’ promised the Deputy President of their support no matter what comes their way.

Kikuyu member of parliament Kimani Ichungwa once said they have been receiving death threats for supporting Ruto but said no amount of intimidation will change their minds.


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