WAR OF WORDS:KCB Group and Cooperative Bank supremacy battle goes to another level

The supremacy battle between Kenya Commercial Bank Group and Cooperative Bank took a new twist on Saturday.

It all started with a post by KCB Group saying they chose to give a shout to cooperative Bank since “no one ever talks to them!”

Wacha leo we give a shout to @Coopbankkenya. No one ever talks to them.” KCB Group wrote

Few hours later,the message was received by Cooperative Bank of Kenya who took to Facebook to reply to KCB Group.

Cooperative Bank replied by saying KCB Group was just an attention seeker and that they got a gift for them.

They wrote “Hey KCB Group We got you a gift; a lifetime subscription to Ma-sponyo Attention Seekers’ Anonymous. Hope you make a full recovery 😁”

And after 4 hours,KCB got Cooperative Bank’s reply and they again hit back saying whoever “hacked Cooperative Bank’s account to stay with it”

Mwenye amehack account ya Co-op Bank Kenya abaki tu nayo 👏🏽😅”  KCB wrote

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