Thugs invade home of Migori County ODM Chairman, two vehicles destroyed

The home of Migori County ODM Chairman Philip Makabong’o was invaded on Sunday night.

Following the incident,Orange Democratic Movement party released a statement today condemning the act.

The statement read; “We have learned with sadness and anger of, and unreservedly condemn, the barbaric act of arson at the home of Migori County ODM Chairman, Philip Makabong’o., where two motor vehicles have been destroyed. Carried out under cover of darkness as Mr. Makabong’o and his family had retired for what they had hoped would be a peaceful rest after exhausting day, the attack betrays a motive that goes beyond simple destruction of property. Mr. Makabong’o and family have a well founded basis to believe that physical harm was goal.

It is instructive that it is barely three months since a public officer facing charges of attempted murder of his son and robbery with violence was freed on bail and still continues to enjoy trappings of power and exercise state authority.

We would like to see investigative agencies move with speed, apprehend the culprits and activate the levers of justice. Otherwise, we shall be left with no view other than that the act is a continuation of political vendetta and thuggery that have dogged this otherwise peace-loving county in the past.

Let justice be our shield and defender.”

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