Those who have registered for Huduma Namba are severely suffering, a man claims as he demands to be deregistered

A Dagoreti man on Wednesday April 24,2019 caused a drama at a Huduma Namba registration center demanding to be deregistered from the National Integrated Identity management System (NIIMS) popularly Huduma Namba.

The man claimed that he was not in his senses when he went to be registered. He added that he was among the very first who went to register after the exercise was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He claimed that he is now back to his senses and he has realized that the Huduma Namba is ‘satanic’.

He said Huduma Namba is the Biblical 666 mark also called mark of the beast.

He alleged that he received a vision showing him how those who had registered were severely suffering.

The agents at the center had a tough time calming down the man who insisted he must be deregistered. They finally got help from members of the public to calm down the man.

While launching the exercise in Masii, Machakos County, President Kenyatta dismissed those who were alleging that the Huduma Namba is satanic and added that there was no way identifying yourself can be related to satan.

President Kenyatta said the NIIMS exercise will not only transform civil registration and data management in the country but also tame corruption and fast-track the implementation of the Big 4 development agenda.

“Huduma Namba will reduce delays and corruption in the delivery of services such as cash transfers for elderly persons and vulnerable children, issuance of passports and border control,” he said.

He added: “ NIIMS will facilitate faster and more effective implementation of the Big 4 agenda.”

He also said that NIIMS aims to establish and maintain a master digital national population register that will serve as the only single source of identification for everybody resident in Kenya.

“It will integrate personal and functional data that is scattered in many government agencies into one single identity,” said the president adding that the number will be used at all stages of one’s life from birth to death.



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