The truth about Kibera MP Ken Okoth’s health

Kenyans on social media were treated to rumours that Kibera member of parliament Ken Okoth was dead.

The FAKE NEWS shocked many people and netizens have since been looking for clarification on the legislator’s health. has confirmed that Ken Okoth is well and kicking. The MP has been battling colerectal cancer but still putting on a brave face to work for his people.

The fake news caught the attention of Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria who took to Facebook and posted “For those people in Government who sponsor one Polycarp Hinga to sell Fake News. Tell your boy it’s immoral to spread fake news that Hon Ken Okoth is dead. Hon Okoth is a lion. You just have no idea what steel he is made of. Washenzi!

Polycarp Hinga has since apologized for spreading the fake news.

Hinga wrote “KEN OKOTH: 
“I’m alive and kicking. Folks should stop killing me before my time with rumors”. Be kind people.”

Apologies then, I saw it on twitter, I called a lady cousin of his and she said it was true, she has since gone mteja. That said I accept and apologize for my role in propagating the fake news.”

On learning of the rumours ODM Party communications director Philip Etale also clarified that Ken Okoth was well.

Etale posted on Twitter “Fellow Kenyans, the Hon. is recovering from his ailment and feels disturbed with the rumours and propaganda bring spread about his life. Here is his text to me “I’m alive and kicking. Folks should stop killing me before my time with rumours”. Respect please.”

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