Take politics out of the pulpit,Kibwana calls on politicians

Governor Kivutha Kibwana has called on his fellow politicians to stop using churches for their campaigns and instead find the right places to do so.

Speaking on Tuesday at Donhom Deliverance Church, on Transformational leadership in the market place, Kibwana said politicians have lately turned the pulpit into campaign platforms thus negating its purpose of worship.

He asked Kenyans to thoroughly vet those they elect without paying much attention to the huge handouts the politicians give to endear themselves to the public and especially the church.

“If you see people giving hand outs, be sure they will do everything within their reach to recover their money. That’s what has engendered the run away corruption ravaging our country,” he said.

Asked by the congregants about his possibility of running for the country’s top seat, he said, “That’s a matter I need to seriously pray about.”

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