Summary of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s State of the Nation Address

This is a summary of what is in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s State of the Nation Address;

“We have put great emphasis on supporting SMEs and ensuring they thrive appropriately. One step towards this is providing reliable, clean and secure market spaces that give our traders a chance to flourish and prosper.”

“Kenya has great potential for growing the Blue Economy, which would immensely contribute to our GDP, as well as create more jobs. This can only be achieved if we put in the work, invest appropriately and fully harness our maritime resources.”

“The opportunities and potential for growing our country are many and we must come together as leaders and encourage investors, both local and foreign. Let’s complement one another because these are the opportunities that will create more jobs for our people.”


“We must all join hands in delivering the noble task of empowering our youth to realize the present and future that they deserve. My commitment is to run a government that creates an environment conducive for business, so that all Kenyans can play their role in nation building.”

“Over the past years, my Administration has progressively increased financing for our health sector and implemented several initiatives, aimed at promoting equity and targeting those most vulnerable amongst our population.”

“Access to quality primary health care can address over 80% of a person’s health needs by focusing on preventive & promotive health interventions. We must endeavor to build resilient & responsive health systems that guarantee equitable access to health.”

“We aim to deliver 500,000 affordable housing units by 2022; universal healthcare for all; food and nutritional security; and sharply grow the manufacturing sector and value addition of our agricultural products.”

“Majority of Kenyans don’t have an opportunity to own a home and we are living in a scenario where as a country we have less than 500,000 people who have mortgages since independence. This is why we have the Affordable Housing programme.”

“As we continue the journey of building a better Kenya with shared prosperity for all, we have prioritized manufacturing as one of the critical sectors for wealth and employment creation under the Big Four Agenda”

“My Administration is working on putting in place a proper system that will ensure thousands of people can move freely using both an urban commuter rail system and a BRT. Our target is to have 500,000 commuters moving freely daily within the next 12 months.”

“We are positioning Kenya for a major economic lift-off & the attainment of Vision 2030. We seek to strengthen Public-Private Partnerships to deliver on the Big Four Agenda and the improved Ease of Doing Business will definitely catapult us to achieve our development goals.”

“To achieve the Big Four Agenda, adequate supply of electricity is, undeniably, a primary enabler. This is the reason why electricity generation and distribution has been at the top of our infrastructural development programme.”

“We are committed to achieving the development agenda in this country. This is why we met with the leaders in opposition and we agreed to work together to develop our country through the Building Bridges Initiative.”

“Hope is the never dry well from which we draw comfort as human beings and citizens. Building the Kenya we want is an unfinished work, full of challenges, but, with hope and confidence in our greatness, we will be able to tackle any challenge we face in building our Great Nation.”

“Kenya needs her children to love her and raise her up in their esteem, despite her shortcomings. Because we know Kenya is our only home, and that we received her from our parents and we must pass her on, in good shape, to our children.”

“Let us hope in each other’s goodness and potential to be great so that our efforts may be joined in building a Nation worthy of our long journey, which has only just started. Kenyans, be brave in your life, act in ways that will make your children admire and esteem you.”

“Every leader has something they can do, a contribution they can make. When we work together, we will achieve much more for our people. Let us stop divisive politics and work towards developing our nation and ensure all Kenyans benefit.”

“There can be no State without people, there can be no development without taxes and there can be no taxes without the generation of wealth by our people. This recognition puts us all at par.”

“No one person is able to deal with all the needs and problems of this country alone. This is why I am calling on all leaders to unite and work together to achieve the same goal and agenda, that of making the lives of Kenyans better.”

“Every country that has developed into prosperity has had a dedicated and effective public service that is trusted by its citizens. This public service has helped build and regulate new markets that attract investment and create jobs. It requires public servants who are innovative and honest; not those who use their positions to enrich themselves or favour certain groups in their service provision.”

“The fight against this monster requires all of us to work together in one common accord. A battalion of 45 Million Strong that makes us one indivisible nation of one people. Similarly, all arms of Government must work together to eliminate this vice.”

“I want everyone in Kenya to know that no matter your standing in society, we are all equal before the law. Cases against corrupt acts are being built against persons who may have thought themselves untouchable. The ongoing prosecutions will not be limited to just senior public servants who betrayed their Oaths of Office, but, also, their accomplices in the private sector, including those professionals who aid in the laundering of stolen public funds.”

“I ask you all, in the love of our great Nation, to join me in fighting corruption and impunity. Shame the corrupt, and refuse to honour them. Teach your children to protect their reputation and that of their family by growing to be honest adults.”

“High net worth persons whose lifestyles are not reflective of the taxes that they pay must be compelled to demonstrate the source of their wealth and to contribute their share of taxes accordingly.”

“No individual will get away with embezzling public resources. Everyone who has pocketed funds meant for development must be held accountable. We have invested for the development of this nation, not for self gain.”

“Eliminating corruption is a national fight. A fight that belongs to every single citizen of Kenya regardless of gender or tribe. Anybody who desires a better Kenya is part of this fight.”












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