Standard Media Group apologizes for “killing” Faith Chepkirui, a renowned Kalenjin musician

Standard Media Group has apologized for misrepresentation.

In the local daily’s lead story ‘A cry for beloved women of Kenya,’ the Standard paper used the picture of renowned Kalenjin musician Faith Chepkirui Marende, falsely implying that the musician was killed by lover.

The daily used the musician’s picture instead of the image of a first year student stabbed to death by her boyfriend at Kaiboi Technical Training Institute in Nandi County.

Following uproar on social media, the media house learned of the mistake and has since issued an apology.

Below is what they had to say;

In a Page One story titled ‘A cry for beloved women of Kenya’ in the Friday issue of The Standard newspaper, we inadvertently placed the photo of renowned Kalenjin musician, Faith Chepkirui, instead of that of another Faith Chepkirui, a former student of Kaiboi Technical Training Institute, who was stabbed to death on February 17, this year. We wish to confirm that Faith whose photo we published is alive and doing well in her music business, where she has in the recent past staged successful live shows and performances. We wish to take this early opportunity to sincerely apologize to Faith, her family, friends and her fans for the regrettable error.”

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