Sonko ‘shows Kenyan media the middle finger’

Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko is an angry man following headlines by Kenyan newspapers which he feels they are meant to intimidate him.

The governor ‘reached boiling point’ after a story by The Star yesterday alleging that he ‘was released from Kamiti Maximum Prison because of his HIV status’.

Now Sonko feels these headlines are sponsored by his political enemies.

He took to Facebook to share his disappointment.

This is what the Nairobi Governor posted;

“It seems newspapers cannot make huge sales without mentioning the name Sonko. Interestingly, this is how these guys and the media houses built me in 2010 using the same fake news stories and headlines immediately I was declared MP.

However, what they don’t know is that whatever kind of publicity, whether negative or positive is good publicity.

Mara Sonko escaped from prison in 1998,
Mara Sonko was re-arrested in 1999,
Mara Sonko faked his HIV status in 2001, Mara Sonko was HIV+ in 2001,
Mara Sonko & Waititu being probed, (What I know and swear over my late Mother’s and Father’s graves unlike what other Governors being probed do, I will never touch or divert a public coin to my family to enrich them. God blessed me long time ago.)
Mara Sonko kazi yake ni kugawa pesa ya corruption, ( I started it long time ago and won’t stop it. I don’t have that much but the little that God has blessed me and my family with I will continue to share with any Kenyan in need)
Mara Sonko achukui simu,
Mara Rot in Sonko’s City Hall office.

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was in Kapenguria Prison for 7 years and he later became the President.
Nelson Mandela was in prison for 25 years and also became the President of South Africa.
Raila Odinga was in Shimo La Tewa Prison and Later Kamiti Prison and that did not stop him from becoming Prime Minister.
H.E Uhuru Kenyatta was conceived in Maralal Prison, he became Prisident.
I was in Prison courtesy of you great people of Nairobi and God, but now I’m the 2nd Governor of this great city of Nairobi. This is a clear indication that this Sonko, God willing and through the same Great Power of the people will one day be at least something more than who he is today!

They think they’ve now silenced me completely through the HIV story but let me say we are a strong family. We have undergone alot of suffering before and during my current political life. The first lady of Nairobi is a strong woman and by Grace of God she shall continue to serve Nairobians for the next 3 years. Our children both biological and adopted shall continue doing their daily activities and going to school as usual despite the pain and stigma caused by some of these headlines because they know their Dad is a politician and from the little experience they have believe no weapon formed against us prospers.

I shall continue to serve you as your Governor with the same Grace of God for the next 3 years and my main focus shall be service delivery to the people because my belief and commitment is serving the people wholeheartedly is serving God.

Therefore, the HIV story shall never divert my attention from serving Nairobians and Kenyans in general wherever they are.

They can cheat Kenyans but they can’t cheat them everyday.

What I know my brother the President of the Republic of Kenya whom I respect a lot will never win the war against Corruption in Kenya if he doesn’t fire the main corrupt officers in his office, some of whom are diverting billions meant for security surveillance in this country to fight and sponsor negative stories against Sonko and other people.

One day the Nation will rise up against the corrupt being spared in the President’s office.

Can someone tell me after the Government lost Ksh 650,000,000/= tax payers money in Uganda, have you seen the main suspect being investigated despite him being summoned by Hon. Opiyo Wandayi’s parliamentary Committee?

When Sonko misses one summon in Senate it becomes an issue and a big headline but when a senior government official implicated in a scandal snubs important summons to shed light why the government lost Ksh650m during his time as PS for Foreign Affairs fails to honour a simple summons, it doesn’t by any standards become an issue.

What happened to the suspects of the Nairobi city county gvt Ruaraka Primary school’s land saga where Government lost billions?

What happened to the suspects of the dam scandals where the government lost billions?

I thank the majority of Kenyans for standing with my family during this period as their trying moment which shall come to pass but to me Allutta continua as Im used to it. Enjoy the rest of your day”.


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