SHOCK as University of Nairobi student is murdered under unclear circumstances

It is a sad evening at the University of Nairobi as one student was killed under unclear circumstances by unknown people.

OCS Ragira,as he was popularly known among the students,was gunned down along Mamlaka Road which is a road mostly used by students.

Reports have it that Ragira was heading to Club 36 which is commonly known as “KLABUU” where majority of students go to take their meals.

KLABUU was recently brought down by goons as a strike by students was ongoing last week. The students were protesting following their political differences as they approached voting to choose their leaders.

OCS Ragira through his Facebook account had claimed that Mungiki were taking advantage of the situation to terrorise traders and students in KLABUU.

He claimed that they were (Mungiki) demanding a fee of Ksh 10,000 for any trader who wanted to erect a kibanda there.

OCS Ragira posted ” It is unfortunate that Mungiki are terrorising Klabu 36 traders with pangas and guns taking advantage of the situation. They are demanding 10K from every trader to build a kibanda. This issue is disturbing as the police are watching it happen. Students are being harassed and others losing their phones. We want to know why the police can side with people terrorising innocent Kenyans. Why should a mama mboga pay 10K to unknown people to do business? Are we managed by terrorists in the name of police? I reported this matter to Jogoo house control room and police were sent but they instead resorted to ignore the situation. We now appeal to the County government and National government to tell us who are these criminals. We cannot allow. Personally I was threatened by a panga. So where are we heading as a nation?

Just six hours ago, Ragira again through his Facebook account ‘OCS Ragira” claimed unknown people wanted to grab Club 36 with the help of goons armed with pangas and pistols.

He posted ” Now they want to grab Klabuu 36. Goons armed with pangas and pistols to scare people. It cannot happen.”

The University of Nairobi security department immediately issued a Memo alerting students to keep off KLABUU following deteriorating security in the area.

Through a notice seen by, the University warned “You are hereby advised to avoid Club 36 popularly known as KLABUU. This is in regard to the deteriorating security around and within the aforementioned area. This is due to the recent stabbing of one and ultimate death of another student. As you have noted,there is a presence of suspicious faces operating around the said place. You are therefore advised to AVOID KLABUU and look for alternative sources of meals as the University works to address the issue.

Embakasi east MP Babu Owino who is a former chairman of University of Nairobi Students Organization (SONU) while condemning the incident said “ I strongly condemn the killing of one comrade Ocs Ragira Samuel who has left behind a young family.May his soul Rest In everlasting Peace.”


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