Shalom Hospital should remain closed, Wavinya Ndeti says

Former Machakos Gubernatorial candidate and chairperson of Kenya Water institute Wavinya Ndeti has urged the National Government to move with speed and investigate the relationship between Shalom Hospital and NHIF.

Wavinya has said it is very shocking to lose lives due to negligence.

She added that she has learned that the only patients who are treated in the hospital are the ones with NHIF cards and in return,the medical bills go high and finally cleared by NHIF.

She was speaking in Machakos when she paid a visit to Mr Jonathan Muendo’s family whose baby died at shalom hospital last week to pay her condolence.

Baby Ethan Muendo, seven months, was administered with an overdose of morphine injection at the Machakos town hospital after suffering minor burns on his hand.


According to preliminary investigations, the boy was given twenty times the dose he required following a mix up in the administration from oral to muscular.
“The boy was prescribed 0.2ml orally but the hospital did not have the syrup so it was changed to 20mg injection instead of 1 mg, “Professor Fred Were, member of KMPDB said.
Morphine is in a class of drugs known as opiates and is used as the last line of analgesic commonly used by those suffering from excruciating pain brought by terminal illnesses like cancer or freak accidents.

Ms Ndeti also thanked the county government of Machakos for shutting down the hospital adding that the hospital should remain closed.


The hospital was on Monday, May 6, 2019, shut down following Governor Mutua’s order.
The Kenya medical practitioners and dentists board (KMDP) also withdrew the hospital’s medical license forthwith while the Machakos government canceled its business permit.
Governor Alfred Mutua and KMPDB chief executive, Daniel Yumbya gave the hospital up to 6.p.m. on Monday to clear the out-patient department and 24 hours to transit admitted patients to other institutions.




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