SAD STORY! The cry of Kitui East residents over lack of a Health facility

In a bid to access healthcare services, Kitui East residents in Kawala walk for over 15 kilometres with their sick ones and sometimes lives are lost due to long distances to the nearest facilities. 

The residents have accused Kitui County Government of medical services neglect following the stalling of Kawala Dispensary in 2016, a project that would have brought health services closer home. 

The residents decried medical neglect over the years in the area since devolution of healthcare services saying that the sick have to walk to the nearest Makongo medical facility. 

Speaking to journalists, Peninah Musya, a resident, said that pregnant mothers risk death should complications arise while at home without help adding that the area has lost several women due to pregnancy-related complications. 

For snake bites, which are an epidemic in the area, Mrs Musya said that snake bite victims have to travel the whole hog of over 40 kilometres to Zombe Health Centre for treatment. 

‘We appeal to the County Government of Kitui to speed up completion of the stalled facitlity as well as post medical staff and provide drugs,’ she said. 

Purity Syengo intimated having been sick but on seeking medical attention at Makongo, which is over 10 kilometres from her Kawala home, was turned away since the nurse was tired. 

“The nurse told me she had single-handedly attended to more than 100 patients since morning and was exhausted. She told me to return the following day,” she said. 

But the Acting County Executive for Health Dr Richard Muthoka said that the administration was aware of Kawala residents’ plight and that completion of the stalled Dispensary has been factored in the 2019/2020 budget. 

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