Ruto under fire for saying Luos are destructive and are known for destroying property and uprooting railways

Deputy President William Samoei Ruto

Deputy president William Ruto is under fire following his remarks in Murang’a on Sunday.

Kenyans were angered by a video clip that went viral on Sunday of the deputy president targeting a certain community.

The DP described them as destructive, known for destroying property and uprooting railways. He added that they are people who should not be tolerated.

His remarks were not received well by Kenyans and a section of leaders.

Angry Kenyans took to social media platforms to tell off the DP terming his remarks as hate speech.

Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo during an interview with NTV also described Ruto’s remarks as hate speech. He said “In my view, referring to a whole community as people who demolish houses, who uproot railways and who should not be tolerated is hate speech.”

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino told the DP to “grow up and respect Luos.”

I want to tell Ruto to respect the Luo community. At one specific time Luos were together with him. The deputy president was also a minor member of ODM who was respected by Luos and other tribes in this nation. His boss was Raila Odinga who is a Luo. I want to remind him that Luo is the language of the gods so must be respected. As leaders in this nation and as Kenyans we ought to respect each other,we ought to respect each leader even the minority tribes must be respected. If the deputy president himself is setting an example by disrespecting some of the major tribes in this nation, what will he do to the minor tribes? will he step over them? Us as Luos we love Kalenjins, we are all nilotes and we love them.” Babu said at a press conference in parliament.

Deported lawyer Miguna Miguna took to Facebook to respond to Ruto’s remarks.

He wrote “William Ruto must publicly apologize for stating, falsely, that Luos uproot railways and destroy property. When the Kenya-Uganda railway line was uprooted in Kibera after Kibaki and Uhuru stole the 2007 election, Ruto was one of the ODM Pentagon members who led the protests.

We are not going to allow anyone – whether it is Ruto, Uhuru, Raila – whatever – to spread ethnic hatred and jingoistic propaganda.

We are going to ferment a searing popular revolution and uproot all tyrants.


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