Pupils at Icaciri primary school in Gatundu South fear collapse of their classrooms following heavy rainfalls

School pupils join well-wishers in planting trees to alleviate landslides that have led to the destruction of classes.

Following a month-long downpour in the country, pupils from Icaciri primary school in Gatundu South continue to fear the collapse of their classrooms over poor topography of the soil in the area.

Some streams which have developed cracks, blamed to highland nature of the area have already been deserted.

Constructions built on high areas have been torn apart as the faults continue to widen beneath them.

Speaking during a tree plantation exercise organized by Hearts of Green, an association of nature conservation enthusiasts, Patrick Mwangi, the deputy school head said that in the recent past, the institution was forced to plant more trees to avert landslide calamity that was on the verge of hitting them.

Moses Muia, the organization representative who stewarded a team of conservationists where they planted over 2,000 indigenous and fruit trees said that the school has been facing challenges from unpredictable landslides.

“Our presence here was occasioned by infrequent landslides that have hit this school destroying some classes. We have planted over 2,000 trees which will believe will not only go a long way in reducing soil erosion but will also better the environment of the school,” he said.

He said that the association has been using pupils are as agents of goodwill since they have the energy and can easily convert their parents to become nature enthusiasts.

Muia said that without proper plantation of trees, big four agendas as stipulated by the government will remain as history reiterating that the latter cut across food security, manufacturing, health, and affordable housing.

So far, 17 schools have received over 2,000 trees each courtesy of the initiative.

Kenyans were urged to take advantage of the ongoing rains to plant more trees to also avert global warming and drought crisis.

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