Pastor Ng’ang’a arrested for threatening Citizen TV’s Linus Kaikai

Neno Evangelism pastor James ng’ang’a was on Sunday night arrested at the church premises for threatening Citizen TV’s director Linus Kaikai.

Ng’ang’a was picked up by police and taken to Gigiri police station where he spent the night.

His arrested came after Linus Kaikai filed a complaint saying he felt threatened after the pastor released a video some days ago promising him (Kaikai) of dare consequences for saying that pastors should be regulated by the government for playing with people’s faith.

Kaikai who is part of Citizen TV’s show News Gang said it’s time to regulate religious organizations especially churches adding that they have gone rogue and it’s time they too followed law of the land. He added that the rogue pastors have gone too far by taking advantage of their followers to enrich themselves.

Ng’ang’a who seemed disturbed by Kaikai’s remarks attacked him for his remarks saying that it is wrong for Kaikai to argue that way since it does not require anyone to have a degree to be a pastor.

He (Ng’ang’a) added that even Jesus Christ Himself did not have a degree together with his disciples and they spread the word of God.

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