Nairobi governor Mike Sonko donates foodstuffs and non-food items to Turkana residents facing starvation as a result of drought

Nairobi county governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has today donated foodstuffs and non-food items to the people of Turkana county who are facing starvation as a result of drought.

The governor has also urged other leaders to follow his steps and join hands in helping the people of Turkana from hunger.

In a statement, the governor said “As a Good Deeds Ambassador, my team is repackaging food and other stuffs which will be distributed to Turkana County to save Kenyans who are suffering from hunger. I call upon other leaders to also do something and help alleviate hunger. The State has offered Sh2bn ton the drought affected counties.”

This comes days after the number of hunger related deaths in Turkana and Baringo counties were reported to have increased.

Turkana county has been hit by drought since June last year.

In Lojere Emoit alone, five people have died after the prolonged drought killed livestock, the economic mainstay of the pastoralists.

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