More details emerge on what led to the death of Baby Ethan Muendo at Shalom Hospital, Machakos

The mysterious death of a 7-month-old baby Ethan Muendo at Shalom Community hospital in Machakos has taken a new twist after an autopsy report revealed a new finding that the infant suffered internal bleeding in the brain prior to his death.

An autopsy report that was released by a team of pathologists led by Kenyatta National Hospital’s Dr. Daniel Zurlel affirmed that there was a small hemorrhage at the surface of the brain which was occasioned by a rapture of a vessel.

A report further informed that the infant suffered congestion of the vessels in the brain due to raised blood pressure.

“ There are many factors which could lead to this increased pressure and in this case, we need to carry out toxicology to establish,” said Dr. Daniel.

Some microscopic samples of the brain have been extracted and taken to Government chemistry for analysis which will form part of the final report.

Baby Ethan died on  Sunday, May 4th, 2019 after he was allegedly injected with an overdose of morphine which is in a class of drugs known as opiates and is used as the last line analgesic commonly used by those suffering from excruciating pain brought by terminal illness line cancer or freak accidents.

Kenya Medical Practitioners and dentist board (KMPDB)   Prof Frederick Were said that the baby was administered with an overdose of the drug.

The hospital was shut down following withdrawal of operation and business license in a swoop that was led by Machakos Governor Dr. Afred Mutua.

So far, 5 suspects are in court over the mysterious death of the infant and were charged among other charges, manslaughter.

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