Kyanguli High School parents who their loved ones perished in 2001 ask for compensation

The Kyanguli  High School parents and who their loved ones perished after fire tragedy in the school in the year 2001 came together in the memorial park to remember their late sons.

Led by their chairman Hillary Kitata,they urged the area leaders to intervine and make sure they are compensated like Moi Girls High School and who their issues were addressed within a short time .

’’We wonder why we were not compensated for the last 18 years and Moi Girls were compensated within a very short time’’. Said the chairman.

‘’Some of our parents have passed away out of stress and several body disorders like 14 of them, and it is a very bad shame for our leaders who only come to us during electioneering period but don’t bother about our issues having getting fake promises from our government all in vain.’’ Says Hillary.

He urged the government to consider them in the management of the memorial park since the school is not bothered to make the graveyard clean since every year they come to remember their loved ones, the place looks  bushy with nobody to care about the area and it is their life term groud since their sons were laid to rest in the area and there is no way they can forget or fail to remember them for better for worse.

He urged the DPP Mr Haji and the DCI mr KInoti to move with speed and look in their issues since it seems there is high deal of corruption in their money since the government  realesed their money but got nothing out of that .

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