Kitui family in distress as 6 bodies are exhumed to pave way for the construction of Kibwezi-Kitui road

Six bodies at Chuluni in Kitui county have been exhumed and buried together to pave way for the Kibwezi-Kitui road construction.

The exhumation has been done against the family wish as they didn’t come into terms with the contractor who was carrying out the exercise.

The family of Mauso Ngulu watched helplessly as the Chinese excavator dug the graves of their relatives to remove the remains without saying a word as the area OCS Kisorio Cheruiyot and KENHA officers were supervising the exercise.

The family has been left landless as the biggest part of their land has been occupied by the road.

Speaking to the family members after the exercise they said they are in fear that the spirits of the deads may start attacking them after disturbing their peace and dumping them like dogs.

The family says have only been given one goat after the media intervened and told not to expect anything else as they had buried on road reserve.

Other 4 bodies earlier today were also exhumed at the neighboring homestead although the family seemed to have reached on an agreement with the contractor.

The family now wants to be compensated as they have been left landless and they have nowhere to go as the other small piece of land was occupied to rebury the remains of their people.

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