Kenyans troll Gideon Moi following reported deaths resulting from hunger in Baringo

Kenyans on Twitter on Saturday expressed their anger on what is being witnessed in Baringo county following deaths of 9 people due to hunger.

Angry Kenyans wondered how Gedion Moi whose father has been in power as president for 24 years cannot help the hunger stricken residents.

Some went ahead to swear never to think of voting for him as president of this country.

Just few days ago devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa flagged off more than 600 tonnes of grains as relief food in Turkana County where 200,000 residents are facing starvation in the county following the drought situation.

“We will be going to all these areas to see what we can do. County had started food distribution but vast county of 70,000m,” said CS Wamalwa.

Ironically, the government has in store at least 3.6 million bags of maize in its strategic food reserve.

Below are some of posts from concerned Kenyans;

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