“Just come and kill me,” Governor Sonko tells those who are after his life, reveals shocking details

Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has again revealed that there are some people who are after his life.

The Governor has now alleged that the suspected assassins have booked three rooms at a five-star hotel behind his Upperhill private office and residence to spy on him.

The Governor has told them to just go and take away his life any time they want than to continue wasting taxpayers money monitoring him as if he is a terrorist.

“Nyinyi SPECIAL BRANCH why do you waste taxpayers money booking three rooms in a five-star hotel just behind my upperhill private office and residence near Geo maps building. Out of the three rooms, GLOBAL LOGSTICS/ INTERNS FROM MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS/ AWAN AFRCA, room 239 on the 2nd floor which is direct opposite my house is being used to release a useless drone to monitor my private office and residence. If you want to take away my life just come for it anytime. I’m not a terrorist for you to misuse public funds in looking for it.

“Everyone will die including yourselves,” he posted.

On June 5, 2019, the Governor also claimed that some people wanted to assassinate him.

He alleged that ‘the system’ that determines who should become Kenya’s president was not happy with him.

Sonko revealed this after his interview on Citizen TV with Jeff koinange was cut short for ‘violating standards and quality control at Royal Media Services’.

After his interview was cut short, the Governor went live on Facebook and continued to say what he wanted to say during his interview on Citizen TV.

He said the power cartels were against him and they want to eliminate him.

He said this started on April 28, 2019, when he blasted Maina Kamanda and Peter Kenneth as corrupt at the workers’ prayer day at the St. Stephens ACK Jogoo Road. He added that ‘the system’ thought that he was sent Deputy President William Ruto.

Sonko also revealed that on May 30, 2019, two days before Madaraka Day five goons armed with pangas, machetes, bows and arrows went to his ‘small’ residence in Upperhill targetting to attack him. Sonko and his security personnel were forced to shoot in the air to disperse them.

He said the exchange led to the arrest of one as the others managed to escape.

The arrested, Michael Mulwa Ndisya, was taken to capitol hill police station and taken to court on May 31.




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