If Atwoli says you won’t be on the ballot,then you won’t be there! Babu Owino tells Ruto

Embakasi East member of Parliament Babu Owino has come out to defend trade unions boss Francis Atwoli from attacks by Ruto allies.

The MP has called upon all leaders to maintain peace and work for the Kenyan people who elected them.

Owino has described Atwoli as a person who has genuinely fought for the welfare of workers in this country.

He has also asked DP William Ruto to respect Atwoli as he is his father’s equal and when he says he (Ruto) won’t be on the ballot paper come 2022, that’s it!

“To the deputy president, if Atwoli says you are not going to appear on the ballot, then you are not going to appear. Just get it the way it is because he is an elder. He should be your father as he said. So there is no need of trying to prove yourself that you will be on the ballot when you are not going to be there,” Babu said.

Owino also advised Ruto allies to stop bringing up the issue of how former Kabete MP George Muchai was killed and blaming it on Atwoli. He added that investigations were carried out and suspects were charged.

Atwoli on Saturday, April 13, 2019, said that the name of deputy president William Samoei Ruto will not be on the ballot box come 2022.

Atwoli who seemed to be angered by how Ruto uses youthful leaders to abuse ODM Party leader Raila Odinga calling him a “witchdoctor” said there is no way Ruto can lead this country.

I want you to take your pen and write down. 2022 Kenya will go to a general election to elect a president. We will overwhelmingly vote peacefully because we will have changed the constitution. And who will be elected president, Deputy president, Prime Minister, and Deputy Prime Minister and the others you will elect them. And I want to tell you one thing, the name of William Samoei Ruto will not be on the ballot paper. You can take it to the bank,” Atwoli told the thunderous crowd.

Atwoli added that those were not his words but those of God the creator of heaven and earth.




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