How ODM Party mourned Dr Hamisi Ali Juma,brother to Likoni MP Mishi Mboko

The Orange Democratic Movement Party on Friday sent condolences to the family of Dr Hamisi Ali Jumwa who passed away in Cuba.

In a statement the ODM party had this to say;

“The ODM wishes to condole with the family of the departed Dr Hamisi Ali Juma who passed away in Cuba while serving his country. As we lay him to rest today in Mombasa, we honor his memory and cherish his contribution to the development of our country.

We take this opportunity to welcome the steps initiated by the Ministry of Health yesterday to review the terms of training for Kenyan doctors in Cuba.

However, we strongly feel that this is a classic case of too little, too late. It is unfortunate that it took the death of Dr Juma for the Ministry to listen to the pleas of its own workers in Havanna. We would like to further draw the Ministry’s attention to the fact that there still exist other gross inequalities in the exchange Programme that require immediate attention if the programme is to continue.

As a party, we find it unconscionable that the Cuban doctors working in Kenya receive a salary in excess of three times their Kenyan equivalents, Government vehicles and security while our brothers and sisters in Havanna are housed in dormitories up to two hours from their work stations receiving a paltry allowance that is often paid late.

This speaks to the prevailing disregard of the Kenyan Citizen, as evidenced by insensitive comments on the famine situation by senior government officials, and the unnecessary adversarial approach that Government has traditionally taken in labor relations.

Moving forward, we would like to encourage a more consultative and participatory approach in the spirit of the new constitution where government exists for its people.

Workers are Kenyans first then Union members second; the Government should not adopt a punitive stance towards its own people.

We pray that the passing of Dr Juma will mark the turning point in Government Labor Relations and restore dignity to our citizens.

Lastly we appeal to the government to confer that which they denied Dr. Juma in his life, namely the new terms of service, to his young widow Dr. Zeyana Rasul and son Juma Hamisi Ali as they pick themselves up from this terrible tragedy.”

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