Guns stolen at a police station as football diehard cops watched Barcelona vs Manchester United match

As football fans across the world gathered to enjoy the UEFA champions league match clash between Barcelona and Manchester United, cops at Kamorwon Administration Police post in Nandi South were not left behind.

Thirty minutes before the game started, the cops left the police post and went to a nearby market to enjoy the football match on Tuesday night. The match kicked off at 10:00pm.

An unknown gang raided the police post at around 9:30pm. On finding no cop on the desk as all of them had gone to watch the quarterfinal match, the gang made away with three rifles and ammunition.

Some minutes past midnight after the match ended, the officers returned to the police post and discovered that the room of the lead officer, which is also used as an armoury, had been broken into.

The thieves stole three rifles, with magazines of 20 rounds of ammunition each. They left behind only two magazines with 17 and 20 rounds.The scene was visited by the Nandi South OCPD, OCS and AP Commander.Search and investigations are underway to recover the stolen firearms and nab the suspects.

Nandi South AP commander says a search for the stolen firearms has begun.





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