Governor Ngilu statement on the ongoing 6th Devolution Conference in Kirinyaga

Kitui County is participating in the 6th Annual National Devolution Conference in Kirinyaga that was officially launched by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta today.

The conference seeks to safeguard the gains of devolution, enhance the understanding and appreciation of devolution as a system of governance that focusses on public accountability and learning new ways of socio-economic development and delivering services.

Kitui County made a very strong showing by showcasing our ground breaking flagship projects namely. KCHIC, KICOTEC, and other life changing programmes that have gained incredible national and International repute.

The World bank made a special mention of Kitui County on our successful roll out of Kitui County Healthcare Insurance cover (K-CHIC) which has attracted Kirinyaga County who will use Kitui County as a benchmark for their healthcare rollout.

We continue making major strides in changing the lives of our people by providing solutions to the challenges we face as a county.

I remain committed and optimistic that we shall succeed in lifting our people out of poverty. Devolution is working and the gains are there to be seen.

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