Governor Mutua meets the entire Machakos County Government Staff for a meeting to align and share a working ideology for the County.

Machakos governor Alfred Mutua today met the entire Machakos County Government Staff for a meeting to align and share a working ideology for the County.

Mutua said having that one on one interaction, is the best way to ensure that the county is operating from the same wavelength and that Machakos people receive world class service.

It was also an opportunity to audit the payroll and ensure that all people being paid through the county government’s system are bona fide employees of the County.

“I have implored on all the employees to have the right attitude towards service delivery to the people.
Machakos is our County and we must own it collectively through exemplary service to the people, being creative, innovative and having an open mind towards work”,the county boss said

He added “the lack of funds should not be an impediment towards service delivery.
We must stretch every shilling to offer better services and work diligently for the mwananchi.”

The governor said he has put on notice Political sympathizers who continue to sabotage his government from within. He added that every staff member MUST work for the people without bias. 
He asked all leaders to dedicate their energies towards the work they do, so that collectively, the success of the county is assured.

“I am demanding from my Ministers, Chief Officers and Directors, exceptional levels of professionalism, integrity and accountability. 
They must lead the staff in a change of mindset, so that we work for the people, owning the projects and being part and parcel of the growth and development of the entire county.
Machakos Ni Yetu and we must proudly identify with the programs rolled out for our people”,Mutua said.

The governor said his politics is all about development. 
“We are doing alot for the people, Free polytechnics for the youth, bursaries, great strides in the agricultural sector. Great things. 
But, we could do better. With the right mindset, we can do great things”,he said.

Mutua said it is time for a revolution, where Machakos people demand for services and accountability from elected leaders and not just empty rhetoric. He added that Machakos needs quality leadership that will steer the Country in the right direction.

He said he is confident that with a vibrant work force, who have the right attitude and a heart for service delivery, Machakos is destined for greatness

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