Governor Mutua makes an impromptu visit to Machakos Level 5 Hospital, gives an ultimatum

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has ordered the streamlining of operations at Machakos level five facility to make it conducive and convenient to patients.

This follows an impromptu visit to the facility where he found scores of patients in the emergency department yet were supposed to be in the outpatient section.

Mutua who is also the Maendeleo Chap Chap party leader said sending patients back and forward with receipts should be done away with.

Machakos is among the four counties that have rolled out the world bank and Kenya government-sponsored universal healthcare coverage and has witnessed a massive influx of patients who enjoy absolutely free services including x-rays, CT scans, and tests.

“I have given my senior staff in the Ministry of Health and Emergency Services two weeks to bring to high standards the status of all our health facilities. The environment, the flow of patients, the speed of treatment and overall quality of services should be the best in the country. If others can do it, so can we in Machakos.”

“In Machakos, I am proud of my top-notch doctors, amazing nurses, experienced clinical officers our qualified health workers. I, therefore, expect my people to receive the highest standard of health care. And, trust me, they will!

I am a believer of the saying by Winston Churchill that ‘you shape the environment and then the environment shapes you.’

Provision of quality health care cannot be in an environment that is wanting. International standards have to be met and maintained.”

“I am pleased that Machakos Public hospitals, Health Centers and dispensaries are the best and cleanest public health facilities in Kenya, but they are still not up to International standards.

The problem is not money. Our public hospitals have access to more funding than even the top-notch private hospitals in Kenya.

The problem is attitude, bad culture, and lack of an eye for standards by some of our employees. There is also the disregard towards our people who are not rich. Some of our staff do not see the need for providing clean toilets, proper systems, and conducive environment to our people who are in poverty.”

“In Machakos, it will not matter whether you slept in a mansion or a simple home, you will receive high-quality treatment in world-class public facilities.

Our 80+ ambulances will ferry you to a health facility where you will receive speedy and quality treatment and if you are admitted, you will be in a clean ward, in your own bed (alone) and with proper catering and ablution services.”

“Everyone in Machakos is important to me and should be treated like a King, Queen, Prince or Princess in our health facilities.

We are good at initiating new projects but awful in maintaining what we have and what we build.

With Universal Health Care support and the heavy funding in my government’s budget, there is no reason that a toilet should be dirty, windows broken, walls unpainted, bulbs off, wires hanging, signs in disrepair, chairs torn, walls clattered, pavements washed away, fences bending, computers off, etc.

I have asked my senior staff to visit the top-notch hospitals we have in Kenya to benchmark and to get back to Machakos and implement,” Governor Mutua said

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