Governor Alfred Mutua wants effects of corruption to be taught in schools

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua today said the effects of corruption should be incorporated in the education curriculum so as to sustain the war against graft.

“For us to be able to sustain the fight against corruption, we need to create a society that is morally averse to graft.I propose that the effects of corruption be a lesson in our education curriculum from Standard 1 to doctorate level.

Our students should be primed to reject and to vehemently fight graft. They should grow up hating and not admiring fruits of corruption. They should understand and know from an earlier age that corruption is like poison – it kills and can kill if not dealt with thoroughly without mercy.

When this is done, our people will grow up and serve our nation as astute leaders, judges, officers and human beings.

Currently, thieves, who are just like murderous are feted and admired in Kenya. Quite shocking.” Mutua Said.

Mutua who is also the Maendeleo Chap Chap party leader told the church to reject contributions from those suspected to be engaging in the vice.

He said “In the same way, our religious organizations need to purpose to preach about corruption and its effect. Religious leaders should be at the forefront of NAMING and SHAMING corrupt individuals and declaring zero-tolerance to the proceedings of corruption.

It is ironical for religious leaders to accept money from people who are suspected thieves. It is even worse when on receiving blood money, they declare that “God loves a cheerful giver” to their members whose children are unemployed, roads are terrible and life is difficult due to the rampant corruption in Kenya.

It is even shameful that they pray to God to add more money to the donating corrupt individual. “AONGEZEWE MAHALI AMETOA.” In other words they are praying to God to facilitate more NYS theft, more dams theft, more scandals and more poverty. They are asking God to bless thieves and corruption.

We need to be real as a society in this fight against graft and not just look at President Uhuru and investigative and prosecuting agencies for a miracle.”

He, however, observed that the solution was to end corruption, boost economic growth and bring down the cost of living as opposed to perrenial increase of salaries of public servants.

“Life is very difficult for Kenyans. The rich are comfortable whereas the rest of Kenyans are barely surviving. There is little money in circulation and hardly any new jobs for our millions of unemployed youth.

My wish is for economic growth in Kenya where every shilling is used efficiently to add money into the pockets and purses of Kenyans.

This calls for dealing with corruption mercilessly and speeding up development projects that spur consumer spending and creation of jobs. It is possible.

Adding money into our pockets will not come from visits to functions but by a concerted 24 hour guidance by leaders to completion of development projects. Are our leaders spending their time and energy doing the right things or are they just focused on 2022?

We are tired. #TUMECHOKA. That is why we need a Generational change in Kenyan leadership. I promise Kenyans that I will be at the forefront of this generational change so that we can restore hope and make our dreams come true for us the #Tumechoka generation,” he said.

He was speaking during the Kenya secondary school heads association annual conference in Mombasa where he said teachers were also justified for demanding for a pay rise as the cost of living had shot up astronomically.
Mutua who has declared his intention to run for president in 2022 said the rich few were living fabulously while the majority were grappling with poverty and squalor as sleaze in high places has ruined the economy.


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