Former President Moi grabbed Kabarak High School and made it a private school,Miguna Miguna says

Lawyer Miguna Miguna now claims former President Moi grabbed Kabarak High School in Nakuru and made it a private school.

Miguna also accused Moi of using public resources to build, equip and staff the secondary school.

“In 1983 when I joined A-Levels, Kabarak High School was a PUBLIC SCHOOL having been built, staffed and equipped by tax payers. My classmates from Onjiko who attended Kabarak were taught by TSC teachers. Moi later GRABBED it and used public resources to build, equip and staff Kabarak University as well,” said Miguna.

This comes just hours after the High Court in Eldoret ordered the retired president Moi to pay Ksh.1.06 billion as compensation for illegally acquiring 53 acres of land belonging to an 81-year-old widow, Susan Cheburet Chelugui.

Delivering the ruling, Judge Anthony Ombwayo said acquisition of the land by the former president and Rai Plywood Limited, was done in an unlawful manner.

“…acquisition of the said properties by the 1st and 2nd respondents were arbitrary unconstitutional, irregular, unprocedural, tainted, a nullityab initio and therefore not worthy of any constitutional protection,” ruled the judge.

The judge noted that the Ksh.1 billion compensation is a commensurate compensation to the petitioners for the loss of their land through an unprocedural scheme.

“The 1st and 2nd respondents do pay and are hereby ordered to pay the estate of the Late Noah K. Chelugui the prompt payment in full of just and current market value of the said properties….,” said the judge.

In the case, Ms. Chelugui and her son David Chelugui said Moi transferred their family land to himself in 2007; two years after the death of her husband Noah Chelugui, who was a chief during Moi’s regime.

The former president is then said to have sold the land to Rai Plywood Limited.





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