Former Ndhiwa MP Neto defends Ruto for saying Luos are destructive and are known for destroying property and uprooting railways

Former Ndhiwa constituency member of parliament Agostinho Neto

Agostinho Neto writes;

“It is Easter Monday, the Lord has arisen! Those who lay Easter eggs, some have hatched, maybe mine hatched too?

My sister Millie Mabona for whom I have a lot of tremendous respect, who I look up to, not just in politics, in the legal profession, as a legislator and as a sibling since we literally grew up together in Homabay town, together with my good friend Lee Makwiny have drawn me into a debate regarding statements I made in Baringo South on Saturday. They have in return posted Hon Ruto’s Video, which they allege refers to luo’s in derogatory terms and spews hate.

First, for the record and in case it is important, I was born a luo and am luo. My Paternal grandfather, Ligawa Chieng Opendo son of Ojuando was luo. My maternal grandfather Awino Jela wuod Oduo was luo, so suffice it to say, am LUO! But my socialization, my schooling and travels have made me Kenyan, so amongst other things I married out of the Luo tribe, and my social as well as professional cycles is a melange of the citizens of Kenya. God has been gracious to me, I have travelled and worked across the world, so I have made friends across the globe, who I owe a duty of responsibility with each and every move I make, as they have allowed me into their spaces to make me what I am. So, I would not for a second make cursory idle statements that are ill- informed and not intentioned!

Second, On the Hon Ruto Video, he says in an apparent reference to the Luo, that they are ‘watu wa kubomoa’(they are destructive). If we are not destroying houses, I want to imagine he was referring to coalitions or political parties, then we are removing rails. An honest luo would know that all the above is true. Follow the Luo anywhere, to a political function, to a concert, to a football match and you appreciate it this way, and by the way, it is not just Hon Ruto who thinks of us this way, many Kenyans do. We either make it our brand if it is a good brand to sell, but if we seem ashamed of it, like it is almost showing, then we choose a better brand. So I would thank DP Ruto, for showing the Luos the speck in their eye. Whatever we do with it is our business, unfortunate as it is that they came from his excellency the deputy President himself.
Third, on my comments in Baringo- South.

1) 2013 in Bondo at the Hon Ochanda’s home coming party, I was an MP then, I told the luo MPs present that it would be a tall order to beat Uhuruto in 2017, Not because Hon Raila was not popular, no! because there was need to change tact in the face of statecraft. The luos in their destructive nature are too intelligent to listen, I was branded a mole, accused of being a jubilee sympathiser and working for Uhuruto, and the list was long the only thing I remember now is 2017 sure came to pass.

2) If a luo wants to be President, there has a been a tried and almost sure path, working together with other tribes in unity and honesty, starting with the Kalenjin. And that path brought Hon Raila close to the Presidency. Any other method: China SGR Loans, Handshake, Swearing in, IEBC must go, OKOA Kenya are FADS. And if you (we) Luos were to continue this way and Hon Raila was to be in the ballot box in 2022 for President I can already announce the Results and the reaction that will follow is this “This election has been rigged! IEBC must go, Chebukati must go! Let us have a referendum” and then of course the cycle will continue and it is 2027, 2032 until Armageddon.

3) Baringo last Saturday, I made PRO- RUTO statements. By the way, I don’t Know what Hon Ruto stands for in terms of political ideology. When I quit ODM in 2017 I since subscribe to GREEN POLITICS which believes in a set of Principles and values, rule of law, integrity, ecological wisdom, equity, future focus, feminism, Non violence, amongst others, I doubt Hon Ruto subscribes to these given how he conducts his affairs. My Statements were selfish to the extent that I hope Hon Ruto can help us collapse the statequo. Where Kenya is, we can only remedy it by getting to have the statesquo collapsed! Some luos have interpreted it that I went to ask for Hand outs or seek for some job, now they are entitled to their thoughts. If I wanted handouts in my view, I would have driven to the DP office which is a few minutes from my house or accompanied him to some rally and danced myself lame

4) Hon Raila has tried to help collapse the statequo twice in 2007/2008, 2017/2018 when there were electoral malpractices. In 2007/2008 You know when the statusquo was about to curve in, he ended up at Sagana state Lodge, whatever he discussed there to the chagrin of his many supporters, he birthed the nusu mkate government. In 2017/2018 when his supporters were even returning teargas for teargas, and forming human shields for him and the statesquo was about to curve in, to the chagrin of his supporters, he moved into harambee House and behold the Handshake! So, evidence manifests that it cannot be Hon Raila who will help collapse the statesquo for Kenyan’s revival, for indeed the country needs revival from the corruption, Unemployment, tribalism, the moral decadence, the debt, and the list is endless. Hon Raila has shown that when we are about to bell the cat…..something creeps in and we make a turn around.

5) My sister Millie, you know that if I did not stand for something, I would be a Member of Parliament now. It was not difficult to sing Tibiim, Tibiim, And Tialala, I refused to be part of that spell and you know this is the only part of your advice that I defied? I saw it then as it is now, a path to nowhere. I grew up an orphan, I cannot misuse other unfortunate Kenyans for my own selfish aggrandisement when the path is taking us nowhere. In my own home County of Homa Bay, am hoping that Tibiim can help them have a mortuary to preserve the dead. We have nothing else left of us, poverty, malnourishment, illiteracy, we stare at death everyday because of poor leadership, so I hope that, in all these we can at least preserve the bodies of our dead in dignity, the mortuary at HomaBay level 5 hospital is rat infested, goring corpses body parts and you want me to cheer the SGR to Kisumu on China debt? I am happy in this space, I will bid time here. If I were to be re-elected with my independence of mind well and good, if my independence of mind relegates me to making statements at Memorials in places like Baringo South, I will continue quaffing my cup with gladness.

6) Why do I think making pro- Ruto statements would help us collapse the statusquo? This country is full of pretentious leaders and a directionless electorate. Hon Ruto has been accused of theft, which could be true and many other ills, but am sure the same can be said of these other top ranking leaders. Name any without blemish? So, Character and morality ceases to be the yardstick for leadership, otherwise you know too well that half the National Assembly cannot stand? Am hoping that Kenyans will wake up one day when we have eaten everything and we can only eat ourselves, that there will be corpses all over the place and dogs eating corpses and that because we have nothing to eat, we will eat those dogs eating corpses.

My Pro- Ruto statements are tongue in cheek hoping he can help us prolong this war that will lead to statesquo Collapse. Cheering the apparent weak side to keep them on. We have pretended for so long. Once we collapse the statusquo then we can work on National re-awakening when there is nothing to share, our ports will have been auctioned by the Chinese, our debt burden spiralled, our youth heavily radicalized due to unemployment then we can start having honest conversations on rebuilding the state. If this path of collapsing the statusquo is not going to work, then another path must be found, and that other path is what we greens hope we can find, in the meantime, Hon Ruto should visit Nyanza and ask for votes! As a comrade in arms.
I hope my easter eggs have hatched?”

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