Fake gold scammers should be handed over to UAE for prosecution, Governor Mutua says

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua suggests that suspects of the gold scam should be handed over to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for prosecution.
The Maendeleo Chap Chap Party Leader speaking in his Machakos office, said in countries like the United Arab Emirates, justice is normally served speedily and will culprits sent to jail to serve long terms.
 A company associated with the rulers of UAE has been swindled by Kenyan conmen who purported to be in the position of selling them gold from Congo valued at over a billion shillings.
Mutua at the same time came to the defense of Interior cabinet secretary, Fred Matiangi over the gold saga.
Mutua said Matiangi is doing a great job and those attempting to implicate him were the corrupt thieves who have been robbing the country dry.
Governor Mutua asserted that catching the real culprits can be made easy by conducting lifestyle audits on the suspects and subsequently confiscating their ill-gotten wealth prior to repatriating them to the UAE for prosecution.
Mutua said that those mentioning Dr. Matiangi will not slow down investigations against some of them.
” I also urge the DCI and other investigative bodies not to be distracted by the glitter of gold such that they forget the other mega scandals that have rocked the country in recent past”, Mutua said.
He noted that the dams, KRA and myriadA cases of corruption that have robbed the country off badly needed money for development, were still waiting for action.
The Machakos county chief hoped that president Kenyatta is zeroing in on crooked politicians and leaders who have used their influence to con Kenyans and foreigners alike.

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