Exposed! Why Pastor Ng’ang’a insulted and lectured Bishops in his church

After a video of televangelist James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Centre went viral on Thursday, Kenyans have been asking themselves why Ng’ang’a was such bitter.

In the 6-minute video clip, the Neno Evangelism Centre preacher unleashed one insult after another, accusing some bishops of disrespecting his wife.

He starts by telling them to respect his wife or he will kick them out.

“If you are not going to respect my wife I will kick you out of my Ministry it doesn’t matter who you are. This time I will show you my power. If you don’t respect her, leave my Church and go start your own wajinga hawa,” he says.

It is not clear when the video was taken although it was shot after his many controversies, going by his statements.

He continues to tell them that they found him there when they came with their wives who had matuta (unkempt hair).

“You have become rich in my Church; stupid, arrogant, useless people, taka taka, rubbish. There is nothing you can tell me.”

He claims that, that is the reason the media has been fighting him instead of them.

“They want to bring Neno down because I’m the founder.”

He pauses and asks them if they think they “you can circumcise me”?

“I want full respect, when I cough you answer, just the same way you did when you came here with torn clothes, and you’re rich because of me.”

Now, it has emerged that Ng’ang’a was bitter with Bishop Robert Wafula who leads Neno evangelism centre in Tudor Mombasa.

The funny issue is that the differences between the two were caused by their wives. Reports indicate that Pastor Ng’ang’a’s wife disagreed with Pastor Wafula’s wife on Phone.

Ng’ang’a’s wife wanted some items from Wafula’s wife but she (Wafula’s wife) was unable to provide them.

Then she went and told his husband what had happened. Pastor Ng’ang’a then became furious and called Pastor Wafula demanding respect for his wife. But this seems did not work out well which made Nga’ng’a lose his cool and address the issue at the pulpit.


It is also for sure that Ng’ang’a via the phone also made the threats that he also made on the video which went viral. That he can close all the Neno Evangelism branches and remain with the one in Nairobi.

Wafula did not take it lightly and on Sunday, he told his congregation that he will be going for 3 weeks and after the three weeks he will come back or tell them the next step. Reports indicate that he might be planning to build his own church as he already got land for the same.


It is also alleged that last time pastor Ng’ang’a was in Mombasa, he took away with him the church’s bus and he has never surrendered it back to the church.

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