“Dissolve the whole cabinet,” angry Moses Kuria tells President Kenyatta

Gatundu South member of parliament Moses Kuria has advised President Uhuru Kenyatta to sack all Cabinet Secretaries in his Cabinet and appoint new ones.

The legislator argued that the Cabinet Secretaries have fully failed the President and it is time for the President to show them the door.

He accused the CSs of making ‘useless’ policies giving an example of Peter Munya,CS for trade, for saying that some phone covers were counterfeits.

“I want to ask Peter Munya, when you say a phone cover is counterfeit, who told you we don’t want the counterfeit? Who told you when we use the counterfeit cover our phones will be damaged? If you don’t show us that company that manufactures the genuine ones here in Kenya, let our people go to China, after all China grew her economy because they started to counterfeit products from Europe and America,” said Kuria.

Mr Kuria said that he supports counterfeiting of any goods that are not produced here in Kenya.

“If it is not produced here, let us counterfeit and one time we will know how to produce genuine ones,” added Kuria.

He then urged President Kenyatta to start by firing CS Munya before firing the others.

“I want to advise you Mr President as your younger brother, I am the one who tells you the truth, kindly dissolve the whole Cabinet because these Cabinet Secretaries have totally failed you. People are not happy with them. There is hunger everywhere, unemployment is at its peak yet these people continue to make useless policies, sack them all now,” advised Moses Kuria.




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