Dennis Itumbi pens a cool Huduma Namba poem

Dear Huduma Namba,

This is a letter to myself. ( It may be long, I love them that way)

A letter to Citizen Number 22219988.

I am one of those not happy with the communication that we must register for Huduma Namba or else no government service.

But I will register for the number.


Because Government is admitting that the many numbers given in the past were just that disconnected numbers.

NHIF, NSSF, ID, DL, Passport etc were just numbers identifying me but not connected to each other.

Bold admission by Government.

It does not stop there, Government has then gone ahead to suggest a solution and committed to make it work under Huduma.

Huduma is a masterstroke of service delivery. I still remember designing its launch under the guidance of the then CS.

Secondly, I lose nothing by giving my biometrics, I queued to give them to IEBC, each time I lose an ID I take fingerprints anyway.

Government is telling me, I will not have to do it anymore, just once more and that chapter is closed.

Why not? I will do it once more.

Over the years we have suspected government and questioned every move the state makes, that is normal.However, the Government is still the one body we trust to deliver our security and grant us services as citizens. It starts by paying taxes and I pay my taxes religiously.

Four, in 2012, I was part of the team that scripted the pledge that we should have a singular document that collapses all these cards into one identity.

Huduma Namba finally does that. I support fully. Government issued documents are too many, it is good to be identified via a single number.

I have argued that the data sets being sought are spread across Government and that they can be accessed without this process, but if it is easier and faster for us to take the data sets to a trained clerk to capture again at once, why not.

Big Data and analytics for Government is a great thing. One that makes planning and governance simpler.

One single source of truth.

Of course, I have heard about data security and yes we have challenges, but I am willing to trust Government to continuously gather our ideas to protect the data.

It us always easier to resist Government initiative, but I know for a fact that GOK never develops any policy to harm its Citizens.

Yes, we have all communicated by Kifua, warning of consequences and punishment should we fail to take the number, but that is how the administrators and technocrats have been trained to do.

Deep down each of them, a great desire to see a better delivery of services.

It is interesting that there was a day we the people, fought government because it did not want us to have Multi-Party democracy.

Our mothers, represented by a few, stripped naked to pass the point that we know Government should serve not Lord us.

We the People, led by the late Prof. Wangari Mathai then fought Government for not protecting our environment.

But now Government is saying we have heard you, for us to serve you easily, allow us to get some info, then leave the rest to us.


What harm really does having a Huduma Namba do my mother in the village?

How much joy does a Huduma Namba reduce from the guy who manages my few pigs in the shamba?

What fruit will not fill the land of our motherland because we registered for Huduma Namba.

For the record, I have my questions on many things about this Huduma Namba and I will continue asking them when I can- But I will ask of frequent electricity blackouts after connecting electricity.

I will continue questioning Huduma Namba, but after I get my unique Number.

Just one final word, dear Huduma Namba, it is proven in every sector, that what is not forbidden, is compulsory.

Instead of the Make-up called, ‘You must Apply For Me” adopt the touch up called, “Having me is good for us all”

I thought I write you myself a letter, because I know I love reading a letter once in a while.

I will wear you with pride darling Huduma Namba.

Keep your side of the bargain. I have no doubt you will.

Yours – almost to be a Huduma Namba,

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