Bibles remain untouched following fire outbreak at a school in Tala,Matungulu,Machakos county

Residents in Tala were treated to what many have been hearing of, that Bibles don’t get burnt in case of a fire outbreak.

It was a morning of wonders at Good Shepherd Education Centre which is in Tala,Matungulu constituency in Machakos County following a fire outbreak at the school which razed down the school’s administration block

The fire which its cause has not been identified, started early morning today.

Teachers and pupils remained shocked to witness the rare occasion which they have just been hearing of without knowing whether one day they will get to witness it.

The discussion among pupils and teachers shifted from the main event (fire outbreak) to discussions of Bibles remaining untouched by the fire.

No injuries have been reported yet.

Earlier this month, locals in Grandview island, West Virginia,USA were left in confusion by the consequences of fire which engulfed a Church in their area and left all bibles unburnt.

When fire broke out at Freedom Ministries Church in Grandview, firefighters were quickly called to put it off.

As reported by the coal city fire department on Facebook page, the fire razed through the church building. It was so aggressive which gave the firefighters had time to put it off.

But as they checked through the burnt wreckage, they spotted something unusual.

According to the aggressive fire outbreak in the building, it was easy to believe that everything was burnt to ashes, but of a surprise, all bibles and crosses were untouched,’’said firefighter department.

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