ANGRY Waititu reveals all the land that Maina Kamanda grabbed and sold in Nairobi

Kiambu county Governor Ferdinand Waititu on Friday ‘reached boiling point’ and decided to let Kenyans know how dangerous Maina Kamanda is when it comes to corruption and land grabbing.

Through a video which he recorded, Waititu fearlessly exposed Kamanda as a very corrupt individual and explained how he(Kamanda) grabbed and sold many pieces of land belonging to Nairobi City County.

In the video, Waititu made it know that Maina Kamanda grabbed and sold land meant for the market at Mwariro, the market at Kifiku, the land around globe cinema,the land at Buru Buru shopping centre, the land in bus station called Nararashi and a land near industrial area.

He also asked Kamanda to tell Nairobians and Kenyans who sold the Nairobi city council land in Valley road.

Mr Waititu added that Kamanda should not talk about corruption when is the number one corrupt individual.

He claimed that he made that known because he loves saying the truth.

He seconded remarks made by Governor Sonko on Sunday April 28, 2019 that Kamanda is a serial land grabber and a very corrupt individual.


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