Angry Mwala residents in Machakos county demonstrate opposing sand harvesting

Residents of Mwala sub county,Kibauni ward have expressed their anger with a group of people who are trying to engage in sand harvesting and selling business in collusion with area MCA, as they threaten to burn down lorries.
Sand, a commodity that has caused many lose their trucks on fire by residents in the area and which has been banned in most areas of Machakos County and entire Makueni county on environmental assessment impact seems to come back as a cartel claimed to be steered by the area MCA.
After a demonstration by angry residents of Ikalaasa market who are beneficiaries of the water from the dam that has received a facelift from world bank to a mega dam, they said that they will not let the area MCA Madam Annastacia Mutuku and some few cartels who have a plan to harvest the sand and sell for personal benefit.
“If the sand will be scooped let it be taken to schools, churches or any other public institution so that it can help the society and that will mean it will be harvested in a guided manner which will not affect the community, if this dam dried up we shall be forced to walk 2 kilometres afar to get the rare commodity”, angry resident Kaloki Mungala said.
Though during the demos there emerged some sort of conflict between the area MCA’s followers who are supporting her for sale of sand and from the ones who are objecting her idea.
“You will never become a millionaire in one night and we are not opposed to building of dam but keep off the contractor since we are aware you’ve had meetings with him secretly and it’s as if he’s declined your pleadings and that’s why the work has taken long to complete”, Mungala added.
Mungala cautioned that there will be a serious attack on any lorry that passes that market for sand and whoever will be affected its upon themselves since they have already warned them.
“Governor Mutua during the devolution conference in Kirinyaga county said that Machakos county will be packaging sand and we want him to caution MCA’s of such character,” added Mungala
On top of even constructing the dam the 8 families who were supposed to be compensated have not yet been compensated and there is fear that once the dam’s construction is completed,they will lose since they even don’t know the engineer of the company on site, and there is rumours that the mentioned MCA Madam Anastacia could be knowing where the money for compensation went to.

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