63 Disabled Persons to Benefit from wheelchair donation in Kitui

Over 60 people living with disability will benefit from wheelchair donation in Kitui County – Chief Officer {CO} for Gender and Social Services Kimanzi Zakayo has confirmed.

This was revealed during a meeting held between the Walk About Foundation Country Director David Muhoro and Kitui County officers from the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture led by the CO in Nanyuki today.

The working relations between Governor Charity Ngilu’s administration and the foundation will see persons living with disability benefit with tailor-made wheelchairs that will positively contribute to the lives of the recipients in the county.

While receiving the donation today morning, the Chief Officer said there is a need to empower the disabled people as a way of improving their way of living.

The CO thanked the foundation for the aid saying the assistance would promote social development for the disabled in the county.

He said the programme will help in reducing dependency levels in the society, aid the beneficiaries in accessing government services and make them economically productive onwards.

Kenya Director for the WalkAbout  Foundation Mr. Muhoro said the organization seeks to set a structural scheme to ensure the wheelchairs reach the envisioned beneficiaries in a coordinated manner.

He said the foundation facilitates medical assessment before donation to ensure the wheelchairs serve the projected beneficiaries effectively.

The impending launch of the wheelchairs by Governor Charity Ngilu will set the pace for subsequent donations from the foundation to ensure many disabled people in the county benefit from the initiative.

The foundation has been in operation in the country since 2014 with Headquarters for Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania based in Nanyuki.

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